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The best Story in the world

Our family cultivated for generation cereals and legumes in the Centre of Italy in order to produce wholegrain, healthy, and functional high-quality food with an organic certification.

Our love for the land and its traditions, the passion for flavor and smell of food of the past, and the desire to share these feelings with people who love good and healthy food, are the principles that strengthen and inspire us.

The farming of the most ancient farro is our main activity, carried out inside our family farm stretched on over 400 hectares located around the Provinces of Pesaro, Urbino and Ancona.

At the base of the family activity, continued and supported by the brothers Gianluigi and Andrea, there is the sharing of the principles of environmental and human sustainability through the adoption of eco-friendly farming and low environmental impact systems. All of this, together with passion, produce wholegrain food rich in natural nutritional values and skillfully blended by us.

We work in partnership with the best local producers, because we consider every entrepreneurial reality as a value, a heritage, to which we entrust our seeds, checking their farming and assuring the collection. Thanks to these collaborations, the lands used for the production of our cereals and legumes grew more than 1500 hectares located in the beating heart of Italy.

Every year we produce high-quality cereals and legumes, certified by CCPB (Inspection and Certification Body for Organic Food). Our pasta is also certified by BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Featured Standard) and ISO 22000 guaranteeing international manufacturing standard requirements. LUZI is also KOSHER and VEGAN.

We supply our products to the main Italian retail chains. We look at the international market, receiving an increasing positive feedback. Recently we are partner with Woodlands Foods, the main US e-commerce website specialized in primary, natural and organic food ingredients from around the globe.

LUZI looks toward the future, the tomorrow’s food, with the feet on the ground, because we know the meaning of working the ground every day with passion, in order to offer the best wholegrain food and the most tasty and healthy organic products.

We head towards the technological innovation with great care for environmental sustainability. There is no story without love for environment, in other words, there is no happy ending story without love for environment and respect for the world we live in.

We are willing to grow, we love progress, but above all, we want to help you live longer and well. The manufacturing and processing systems, avoiding refining and use of preservatives, intensify the real function of food, as vehicle of nutrients for the improvement of health, wellness and for reducing the risk of disease. We deal with healthy and functional food, still tastefulness is important too.

We attended several international fairs and events; we supported exhibitions and expositions, because food goes deep into the soul that need to be fed, above all, by culture.

We address to sport and its champions. LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC COMMITTEE chose our wholegrain pastas for athletes and their staff, proving our ability to merge flavor and wellness. In November 2016, Luzi also supported the vegan athlete Massimo Brunaccioni during World Natural Bodybuilding Championship in Los Angeles, awarded with a Silver Medal.

We feel good if you feel good too. We support BANCO ALIMENTARE (an Italian foundation for recovering surplus food for charitable purposes) and Fondazione IEO-CCM, in favor of the European Institute of Oncology and Centro Cardiologico Monzino.

We have a long-standing story transmitted from a son turned into a father, which one day would have become a grandfather. This story tells about the sacred passion of our ancestors, and we are their most passionate believer.

Our activity hands down from generation to generation, taking care of our roots and the new growing branches toward scientific research. For this reason, we work together with the most  important Research Institutes and Universities of our Country: because we are proud of it.

We are a family growing with families of our employees, business partners and consumers, proving every day their trust in our work and that our path, started long time ago, will lead toward the progress we hope for. For everyone.

For this reason, this is not an ordinary story. It is #thebeststoryintheworld.