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Stone milling

Cereals and legumes are processed in the new processing plant based in San Lorenzo in Campo, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, where products are stored in refrigerated silos avoiding chemical treatments.

We start from a dehulling process, in order to remove seedcoats; seeds are milled at an innovative stone mill, based on traditional principles, where waterpower has been replaced by another renewable power, the sun.

In addition to PEARLED, FLAKED, and PUFFED CEREALS, WHOLEMEAL FLOURS and COUSCOUS, we have a wide range of pasta specialties based on “FARRO”, “FARRO & BROAD BEANS”, “FARRO & NETTLE”, “SENZAGRANO”, and “SOLOLEGUMI” in the different shapes of penne, sedanini, boccolotti, farfalle, spaghetti and fusilli.
Another interesting and delicious product line is “È PRONTO! READY TO EAT!”, a range of long-life and ready-to-eat spelt salads available in different versions and dressings.

The underlying theme of all our products is the pure wholewheatness achieved by the stone milling of cereals and legumes. Thanks to this process, LUZI Company can preserve every original nutritional element.

Stone milling allows to get a truly wholegrain product, rich in fibers, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, with a unique, distinctive, and unforgettable taste. Speaking about “real wholefood” means the use of flours obtained by stone milling, and only by tasting these specialties we can share our philosophy.

Our handmade pasta making is realized by using our own flours, with bronze die and drying our products slowly at low temperatures. This makes also possible to offer to our most careful and demanding consumer a functional, and completely whole specialty, intensifying its taste. Our WHOLEMEAL FARRO, WHOLEMEAL FARRO AND BROAD BEANS, WHOLEMEAL DURUM WHEAT pastas specialties are easy to prepare like an ordinary pasta.

The packaging is elegant and functional, making possible to see our handmade product thanks to its total transparency.

Including LUZI’s specialties in our diet is absolutely a healthy choice, since the intake of fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants increases the benefits of the well-known Mediterranean diet.